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What’s your passion?

Ask someone what they’re passionate about.  Nine out of ten times they’ll say, “Helping people.”

The guy who promotes a healthy lifestyle.  He’s helping people find more energy and live a more fulfilling life through encouragement and teaching.

The host of a satirical news show.  He’s helping people grasp current events through political comedy and candid interviews.

The local women’s boutique owner.  She helps women feel younger and sexier through fashion and fun experiences.

These people are helping people.  The hard way.  Using positivity.  And love.

It’s much easier, however, to sell using anger, fear and insecurities.  Just look at Dr. Oz, Fox News or Victoria’s Secret.  They may be pursuing their passion.  But are they really helping people?

Internship search question: Would this appeal to a 28 year old entrepreneur?

I just applied for an internship.  If I get it, it will be the first internship in my career.  So why at 28, when I run my own business, did I just apply to be Seth Godin’s intern?

I envision this internship to be like all internships should be.

  • A learning experience where the paycheck doesn’t matter
  • A defined project with a defined “ship-it date”
  • A gift that the intern will likely pay forward

Resume-building busywork never appealed to me.  This internship did.


  1. All internships at my businesses use the framework from above.
  2. Do apply for this internship, too.  You could be the missing piece.  Or it could be yours.

What are you really buying?

What are you buying when you spend mega bucks?  When you buy an ipad, you’re not buying functionality.  Or retina display.  You’re buying the experience of facetime with friends and family.

When you buy a $600 ticket to see the Rolling Stones, you’re not buying tunes or great sound.  You’re buying living legends leading you and 60,000 other people in song.

When you shop Vitamix, you’re not shopping for smoothies.  Or fresh green juice.  You’re shopping for motivation delivered in a big box.

For large emotional purchases like these, you never buy the features.  Just the feelings.

What do your pictures say?

Do they say, “We are all friends and can smile for the camera”?  Do they say, “This is where we were”? Or, “This is where we ate”?

Or, do your pictures tell a story?  Do they remind you of laughing hysterically   Do they bring back wonder or warmth?  Or both.

Pictures that say the former are easy.  Just say cheese.  Pictures of the latter are easy, too.  Just say nothing.  Click.

laying on gray couch Naomi Fox and dog Lucy trying to figure things out

Lucy’s first weekend off the streets, November 2012.  Her and Naomi’s looks are priceless.

Facebook and Seven Deadly Sins

Is Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg the devil?  Nah, but don’t these Facebook-isms seem Seven Deadly Sins-ish?

  • Wrath: “Did he really post those ?  These party pics are the perfect revenge.”
  • Greed: “Someone just keyed my Lamborghini #humblebrag”
  • Sloth: Time article: Why Facebook makes you feel miserable
  • Pride: Pregnant belly updates
  • Lust: See shameless stalking, notification checking, friend counting.
  • Envy: Ex gf/bf relationship status updates
  • Gluttony: Food porn anyone??

Certainly, blogs can be guilty of these seven deadly sins.  But, the lack of a medium like Facebook mobile makes it a lot tougher.

Alas, Facebook is huge, so I guess we’re a world full of sin.  That’s not Zuck’s fault, though.  He just created an easy way to indulge.

Listen here

Does anyone ever tell you aren’t smart?  Or aren’t beautiful?  Or aren’t funny?

Maybe they’re right.  Maybe you need to work on a few things. Maybe you aren’t up to their level.

Or, maybe they’re wrong.  Maybe you’re just the opposite of what they’re saying.  Smart.  Beautiful.  Funny.

Either way, why would you listen?  If you had room to grow, are they someone worth learning from?  And if they’re wrong and you are actually great, then you are a threat to them.  And will be forever.

Yes, hearing the noise is okay.  Because it’s important to know who you shouldn’t listen to.

So you wanna escape consulting?

Why?  Didn’t you start because you like to help people?  Don’t you like being the expert?  Don’t you like the excitement of a dynamic workplace?

I did, too.  But still wanted to escape consulting.  So what did I do?  I figured out what I actually wanted to be an expert in.

Then I started to build an email list.

Before I knew it, I was able to escape.  And the best part?  I am still helping people.  Still an expert.  Still in a dynamic workplace.  I’m just happier in this one.

The athlete and the elevator

Sweaty and out of breath, the athlete hit the “3” button.  I hit “29”.  As the elevator closed, my mouth opened.  “Getting a lift two floors?  Stairs must be broken!”

His response required him to hold the elevator door open a few extra seconds.  Condescendingly, he said, “I workout seven days-a-week, two hours-a-day.  You try that and take the stairs!”

Fair point.  Here’s mine:

What if he cut back to 4 days per week for 30 minutes?  Would he:

  • Be in nearly as good of shape
  • Have more time
  • Feel a lot happier and more energized

There is one drawback to my solution.  He would no longer be able to tell neighbors in the elevator on his way to the third floor that he works out seven days-a-week, two hours-a-day.  That would suck for everyone.

De-clutter, self-promote and live forever

Pick one thing you are hoarding. Take a picture of it.  Write the story behind it. Then put them both on your blog.

Why? Once it’s published, your attachment to the hoarded stuff is gone.  And, you also get:

  • Self-promotion that’s genuinely interesting
  • De-cluttered home
  • Memories that now live forever

Try it.  You have good stories to tell. And lots of hoarded junk to get rid of.