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Just trying to be positive

Are you positive?  Like 100% confident in your opinions?  Positive you’re right?

I’m pretty sure you should look at it differently, then.  People really seem to like you when you aren’t so positive.

It’s true!

I’m just trying to be positive.

What’s your passion?

Ask someone what they’re passionate about.  Nine out of ten times they’ll say, “Helping people.”

The guy who promotes a healthy lifestyle.  He’s helping people find more energy and live a more fulfilling life through encouragement and teaching.

The host of a satirical news show.  He’s helping people grasp current events through political comedy and candid interviews.

The local women’s boutique owner.  She helps women feel younger and sexier through fashion and fun experiences.

These people are helping people.  The hard way.  Using positivity.  And love.

It’s much easier, however, to sell using anger, fear and insecurities.  Just look at Dr. Oz, Fox News or Victoria’s Secret.  They may be pursuing their passion.  But are they really helping people?