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Your cell phone can take beautiful videos. You can capture the world from your perspective in full HD.

You can share those videos.

To him. To her. To everyone.

Just don’t forget to enjoy the sights yourself.

Because wisdom is not gained through any lens on a phone; only the lenses on your face.

55-minute countdown

Some of us go to work and react. Check email, answer the phone, take care of the things we’re being paid to take care of.

And that’s great.

Others go to work and create. That’s great, too.

Either way, using a 55-minute countdown timer is a total game-changer at work.

For the reactors, it’s a reminder to take five minutes every hour to breathe, stretch, walk, drink water, etc.

For the creators, it’s a way to stay focused for 55 minutes and be rewarded afterwards for five.

For me, there is a strong correlation between the number of 55-minute countdowns I set in a workday and my overall quality of life.

Try it.


Your words.

Your actions.

Your thoughts.

You may not think of yourself as a creator.

But every one of your words, your actions, your thoughts makes a permanent impact on the universe.

Will yours be filled with love?

The Answer

What should we do? Is this fair? Why are they doing this? What are they thinking?

The answer is usually simple.

Start by reversing the rolls.

Your brain

Your brain is a muscle.

Stretch it. Push it.

Then, give it a break.

Feed it protein.

Show it off.

Admire it.

Love it.


These words?

They’re not about you.

Same with any other words you read or hear.

They may sound like they’re about you. Heck, they may even be directed at you.

But really, they have nothing to do with you. They’re about MY insecurities. My fears. My discontent.

They’re not your words.

So, why take ’em personally?


Stuck in a long, boring, essentially useless meeting?

Don’t be afraid to doodle.

No, you’re not fooling anyone into thinking you’re taking notes.

But it will keep you more present than thinking about how you can get a job that doesn’t require you to sit in long, boring, essentially useless meetings.

I can

Don’t ask for what you want.

  • Can I have that project?
  • Can I lead off?
  • Can I give a talk at your conference?

Using “can I?” doesn’t help anyone.

Instead, reverse it.

Offer your services.

I can.

Bored teaching the basics

Teaching beginner concepts may bore the hell out of you.

Is this worth my time?

If you think about it in terms of money, it may not be. Or maybe in the long term, it is.

But the return on investment doesn’t fix your problem.

Recognizing the impact you’re making on someone who is at the same level you were not too long ago, however, does.