Lyft Promotion Code

This Lyft Promotion code for $50 in free Lyfts was verified on March 1st, 2016.

Finally, I get a Lyft Promotion Code to give out to friends

Lenny Gale invites you try Lyft with his Lyft Promotion Code for $50 in Lyft credits.

I’ve been telling people to try Lyft forever. Now, you can try Lyft and get $25 free just for downloading the app. Just use this secure activation link to get the app.

Free Lyfts

With this Lyft Promotion Code, you can try Lyft for free. What’s better than taking advantage of a free ride or two?

It’s like that coworker who really wants to be your friend. He drives and offers to pick you up on his way. You might become buddies, and you might not. Either way, you gave him a chance.

Two clicks for $50

Do the math. Hourly pay on two clicks for $50 is astronomical. This code-embedded link takes you to their website. Then, their link will be embedded with a $50. It might not be worth Bill Gates’ time. But you’re not Bill Gates, right?

Maximum Lyft Promotion Code

I haven’t found a larger code out there. If you do, please let me know.

Why you won’t love Lyft

Recently, I published a long article on Lyft 101. It explains how Lyft works and why I love it so much. It’s a great piece, but not worth repeating here.

So why not list reasons why you shouldn’t use this Lyft Promotion Code?

  • You already have Lyft on your phone.
  • You hate free things.
  • You make more than $1M per hour.
  • You like smelly taxis, so don’t want to try Lyft ridesharing.
  • You like paying for rides with cash, drugs, or sex.
  • You are loyal to Uber.
  • You, too, have a pink mustache.


If you haven’t gotten the Lyft app, you’re in luck. You can basically get paid $50 to download it, today. You probably won’t love Lyft as much as I do. But, I’m pretty sure that’s impossible.

CTA: Get the Lyft app today.

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