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Cyber Monday (in hindsight)

It didn’t take long.

Pretty soon, I realized how much I’d be on the road. And how getting a nice piece of luggage would be a good investment.

It was.

My top-of-the-line carry-on bag was terrific. Simply, it:

  • Was rock solid.
  • Made my life better.

But if I could do it all over again, I would do Cyber Monday 2009 differently.

That Monday, I got the matching top-of-the-line computer bag. It made as much sense as buying a designer purse.

Zero value added to my life.

Had it been around (it wasn’t) and had I known (I didn’t), I would have gotten an S-Series Vitamix, instead.

  • Rock solid.
  • Would have made my life better.

Client pays for the inputs (endless Vega protein packets). And, I get smooth, creamy, delicious drinks for breakfast, post workout, and whenever.

Today, my $350 computer bag gathers dust in the closet.

But how was I supposed to know?

I thought I WAS investing in my wellness; the damn computer bag had wheels!

[FYI: S-Series Vitamix machines from (CAN) are shipped free and bear a holiday gift (for a limited time) with the Life is NOYOKE affiliate code 06-007938. And yes, you can bring them through TSA.]

Out of office

I’ll be out of the office until Monday after Thanksgiving.

Like, for real, though.

I’m going to MN to be with family, and they hate it when I’m on my phone during family time.

As do I.

(Well, I actually like being on my phone around family. It’s enjoyable. But I hate myself for it, so am going to try really hard to stay away while on PTO.)

As such, here are some answers to questions you may have for me (based on ones I’ve been receiving lately and ones I get this time of year).

  • Eat it all because of this.
  • This one is on sale through Cyber Monday, is a great deal, and does all the things well.
  • Otherwise, go with the latest and greatest (not on sale, but won’t be for at least 12 months, and is awesome).
  • Nah, I’m probably staying in.
  • I don’t (because of this), but don’t worry about me. I’ll find something to eat.
  • Okay, fine, I’ll meet for one drink.



Gratitude is becoming a buzzword.

But it’s okay.

Its meaning transcends all bullshit and IS the answer to all your problems.

Be grateful.


Here, just email yourself from my phone

Figure out an alternative to business cards.


  • Unoriginal
  • Uncertain (if you’ll ever be contacted)
  • Unclear (what the call-to-action is)
  • Underperforming (compared to EVERY alternative to sharing contact info)

Being without business cards might be scary.

But that’s just how business card marketers want you to feel.

Instead, pass your phone. Offer your URL. Or something else that’s actually effective.

Anything but business cards.

Wanna quit?

It’s okay if you want to quit.

If it’s early on and it’d be easy, don’t. Resist the temptation.

Quitting now could be the worst thing you ever do.

If it’s been a while, and it’d be difficult, do. Find the courage.

Quitting now could be the best thing you ever do.

So, do wait.

But then, what are you waiting for?


You’re gonna want to get help. Build a team. Outsource.

That’s fine.

But don’t rush it. Or worry about the fact that you’re STILL doing everything yourself.

Building a team is smart if you have a crystal-clear project you’re looking to complete.

It’s not smart, however, without one.

Your real job

Your people.

They may be asking for a budget or an update or a recommendation or an exchange or an explanation or an opinion or a demonstration or a whatever.

They don’t actually want what they’re asking for.

They just want to stop worrying.

Make it your job to put them at ease.

The high dive

You’ll have a long time to think about it.

Climbing up every step.

You’ll want to back out.

Say you don’t need to do it.

That you’re good.

But no.

You’ve made it this far. You’re gonna do great.

No, you might not love it. Yes, you might belly flop.

You might not want to try it again.

But you’ll never regret trying.


Fresh air breaks

Smokers do it, and nobody blinks an eye.

In fact, people are uncomfortable suggesting they don’t.

They need it.

They’re better when they come back.

We used to call ’em fresh air breaks, ironically.

Seven minutes outside to have a smoke.

Today, alas, it’s strange to tell your team you’re stepping outside for a true fresh air break. Seven minutes to just breathe.

So if you have to, tell ’em you’re going for a smoke.

But definitely, definitely take your fresh air breaks.