Cyber Monday (in hindsight)

It didn’t take long.

Pretty soon, I realized how much I’d be on the road. And how getting a nice piece of luggage would be a good investment.

It was.

My top-of-the-line carry-on bag was terrific. Simply, it:

  • Was rock solid.
  • Made my life better.

But if I could do it all over again, I would do Cyber Monday 2009 differently.

That Monday, I got the matching top-of-the-line computer bag. It made as much sense as buying a designer purse.

Zero value added to my life.

Had it been around (it wasn’t) and had I known (I didn’t), I would have gotten an S-Series Vitamix, instead.

  • Rock solid.
  • Would have made my life better.

Client pays for the inputs (endless Vega protein packets). And, I get smooth, creamy, delicious drinks for breakfast, post workout, and whenever.

Today, my $350 computer bag gathers dust in the closet.

But how was I supposed to know?

I thought I WAS investing in my wellness; the damn computer bag had wheels!

[FYI: S-Series Vitamix machines from (CAN) are shipped free and bear a holiday gift (for a limited time) with the Life is NOYOKE affiliate code 06-007938. And yes, you can bring them through TSA.]

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