Monthly Archives: December 2016

Around the people

People have things to teach you.

And they love teaching.

So let them!

Your only job is to put yourself around the people. They’ll do the rest.

Standing desk analogies

When you step up to the plate, you know what you’re trying to do.

Get on base. See some pitches. Drive in a run. Whatever.

This is kind of like what it’s like to use a standing desk.

Except this analogy makes it seem like you’ll only work for five minutes, four to six times per day.

Maybe it’s like basketball.

Run around and play until you’re tired and need to sit for a minute. Stretch before and after.


Having a standing desk is like playing basketball all day.

It’s definitely not like playing soccer. They get nothing done.

Creating for whom

Who are you creating for?

Is it your home? Your property? Your community?

Or is it someone else’s world? One where they make the rules.

Be ready for changes to what you can’t control if you’re away from home.

Give blood.

The travel. The checkin. The waiting. The questioniere. The finger stick. The iodine. The big needle. The light headedness.

The chance it doesn’t work this time.

Giving blood is a damn blessing. 

You should do it ever two months.

Even if it might be a bummer before, during, or after.

Potty phone

You should really be able to go to the bathroom without playing on, thumbing through, or reading your phone.

If you can’t, you might be addicted to your phone.

And that’s okay.

Just remember that life is better when you’re not.

[If it’s not clear, I struggle with this. Breaking addiction to my phone is something I’m actively working on.]

Working for you

Aside from your pets, family, and children, all the things in your world should be working for you.

If they’re not, don’t be afraid to let them go.

Work peeps

What are the fondest memories from your first real job?

  • The work?
  • The office?
  • The commute?

It’s gotta be the people, right?

The people.

Cherish the time with the people.

Your work peeps.