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Repeat yourself

A couple of times recently, I’ve come across people saying that it’s important to repeat yourself if you expect to get real action.

What I’m now telling myself:

You might get tired of hearing it over and over.

But isn’t that better than hearing the status quo over and over?


Related, here are two articles echoing two of the “Life is NOYOKE” things I get tired of saying over and over, but, per the above, shouldn’t:

Thing 1: “Don’t count calories.” This: Calories are broken 

Thing 2: “The FDA and those Big Food groups who influence it are the enemy.” This: The Food Pyramid SchemeThe feds’ dietary guide is based on dubious science—and now Congress wants an impartial review.



Your most clever stuff?

Test it.

You might think it’s so true. So irresistible. So perfect.

But if it doesn’t get the reaction you expect, toss it.

Two or three tries is plenty.

Dog person logic

If you are a dog person, you are a good person.

Then, of course, if you are not a good person, you are not a dog person.

But it doesn’t mean if you are a good person, you are a dog person. Nor does it mean that if you are not a dog person that you are not a good person.

So remember this:

If you are a good person and are not a dog person, you are invited over for dinner.

dog person

One person

Aim to please one person.

Your fans? Your audience? Your subscribers?

They’re not one person.

Pick one of them. One person.

And remember you’re included in all those lists.

(Yes, this pleases me.)

lucy just one person

On getting out of bed

When you wake up on the weekend, what’s the plan for the day?

Sure, there are errands and chores and obligations.

But generally speaking, the plan is to do whatever makes for a happy, healthy life, right?

And on the weekends, isn’t it MUCH easier (than weekdays) to get out of bed?

So, if the WEEKDAY plan for the day is to do whatever makes for a happy, healthy life, wouldn’t it be MUCH easier (than if the plan is to go make money) to get out of bed in the morning?

It sure is for me.

Stuck and on deadline

I’m stuck.

I’ve been staring at a blank page for an hour.

Do I:

  • Spitefully get something written and deliver trash on deadline?
  • Go stretch, chug a bottle of water, walk around the office, and return when I’m ready?

Forget your boss.

I know what the client / reader / customer would prefer (assuming, of course, that they get an update).

lenny gale stuck in office

Three years of awkward

It took me three years to figure out high school.

Three years to figure out college.

Three years to figure out consulting.

Three years to figure out blogging.

Three years to figure out being a dog dad.

Three years to be comfortable enough doing my job without it, deep down, feeling awkward.

And, oh, what a good realization it is.

three years lenny gale

(image from Life is NOYOKE’s Creamy Cauliflower Soup recipe vid)

Probably both

Walking with my dog. Working out. A green smoothie. A NOYOKE shake. Writing in my notebook. Listening to music. Drinking water. Breathing slowly. Reading.

All of these things help my brain when it needs a fix.

So if I spend a majority of my days doing these things, does that mean my brain is almost always broken? Or am I just the most fortunate mf ever?

lenny gale fortunate