What to leave

You can leave your family a lot of things.

  • Money.
  • A legacy.
  • Memories.
  • Traditions.
  • Guiding principals.

And these are noble things for which to accumulate during a lifetime.

But don’t forget to tidy up a bit.

Downsize, purge, minimize.

Nobody wants to be left a mess.


Take the first one out. Or the last.

Why waste a day (with family, in the sun, or on the mountain)?

[Note: Road trip start times also apply. Leave as early or as late as possible.]

Email monsters

Lurking in your inbox hides a monster.

Maybe it’s a bill that’s aggressively overcharging you for services you did not receive. Or maybe it’s a news aggregation email that reminds you of the plight of mankind. Or maybe it’s an email from your boss.

What are the chances that those emails aren’t going to fire you up?

Keep the monsters contained.

They generally go to bed when you do.

But once you let them out, they’re with you all day.

The groove

Long projects. Detailed assignments. Productive quarters.

You get in your groove and don’t want to get out.

It’s tough to take a day or five minutes or two weeks.

The groove is great.

But with a short, regular break, you can get back in the groove easily and probably a bit deeper.

And of course, you may realize you were in the wrong groove all along.

Even better.

Flying by

The best life experiences fly by in a blink.

So, take a minute to feel the ground beneath you.

Because flying by is good.

Actually flying? Not so much.

[Thanks, Jonah.]