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You’re gonna find yourself sitting a lot.

  • On the train.
  • On the bus.
  • In the car.
  • At your desk.
  • At dinner.
  • Pretty much all the time.

So remember this: nobody said you weren’t allowed to stand at meetings.

Heck, they might even get done faster, if you’re standing, too.


If you’re having a drink with someone, don’t pass on the opportunity to make a simple toast.

Cheers! L’chaim! Prost!

Those are all fine enough.

But if you really want to make it special and memorable and meaningful, do this:

Think of the things most beloved by the person you’re drinking with.

It could be their business. Their dog. It could even be them.

Then drink to that:

  • To Life is NOYOKE!
  • To Bagels!
  • To Larry!

So simple. So special. So good.

To life hacks!

Here’s to

Here’ to the things that matter.

Here’s to the things that don’t.

Here’s to the things that lie in the middle.

Here’s to saying I won’t.

Here’s to the things you want to keep.

Here’s to the things you don’t.

Here’s to the things sitting in storage.

Here’s to saying I won’t.

Here’s to the things you want to remember.

Here’s to the things you don’t.

Here’s to the junk that lurks around in your brain.

Here’s to saying I won’t.

Three years ago today

lenny gale respect peace consulting

It was supposed to be my last Tuesday with the company.

It turned out to be my last day ever.

My story didn’t help a few; although for most I hope it does.

There is life after consulting.

Something different

lenny gale stuck in office

The ultra religious.

The vast majority of North Koreans.

The armies of traveling consultants.

They don’t know any different.

Different seems impossible.

Different seems scary.

Different seems illogical.

But different is out there. And it can be a whole lot better than the same.


At practice, there’s no way to fail. No worry about what might happen.

At practice, there’s no way to win. No guilt about succeeding.

At practice, it’s just for fun. No stress about anything.

But sometimes you gotta play for real.

And when you do, think of it as practice.


Tighten all the screws. Then tighten them again.

Every one matters, even if it seems like they don’t.

Check on them occasionally.

But don’t push them past their limit. They could strip and be done forever.

I think this may be an analogy for building a team.

So for those of you who feel like you’re a screw carrying too much weight or are just completely stripped from over-tightening, know it’s not your fault.

The instructions should have made it quite clear.

Silent killer

Bad press is good.

Negative feedback is positive.

Criticism is constructive.

Just get people talking.

Because silence is what’ll kill ya. Not words.