How to write a book

I just finished writing my first book.

Here are 40 tips for writing yours.

  1. Build an audience
  2. Embrace their problem
  3. Solve their problem
  4. Have a singular purpose.
  5. Be honest with your intentions.
  6. Turn off social
  7. Process email once daily
  8. Turn off spell check.
  9. Think “calling card”
  10. Don’t think “income generator”
  11. Write in isolation.
  12. Write by water.
  13. Write with music.
  14. Set an early alarm
  15. Set a deadline.
  16. Outline top-down
  17. Write a title
  18. Pick a proven structure.
  19. Build an outline
  20. Expand the outline
  21. Expand the outline again.
  22. Write by section
  23. Write easy sections first
  24. Write conversationally.
  25. Write short sentences.
  26. Get people to the next sentence.
  27. Use simple words.
  28. Make it finish-able.
  29. Keep em wanting more.
  30. Ignore page count.
  31. Ignore word count.
  32. Get a printer.
  33. Get an editor.
  34. Be done.
  35. Price for value.
  36. Publish to Amazon Kindle.
  37. Tell your audience.
  38. Ask for honest reviews
  39. Give limited-time free access
  40. Be delightful.

Want the color commentary on this list? Watch this vid I just published.

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