Publish your thoughts

I read a thing lately that really messed me up. Here it is:

Humans have been anatomically human for 200,000 years. But, we didn’t start writing stuff down until 3,500 BC.

So for 200,000 years, we harnessed fire, and that’s about it. (Around the last quarter of that, 50,000 BC – ish, us behaviorally modern humans communicated a bit, but still did not write anything down. We only spoke.)

But since starting to write stuff down (currently only the latest 2% and 7% of our existence as anatomically modern and behaviorally modern humans, respectively) we figured out how to make FaceTime calls work seamlessly from underground subway stations.

So despite being unsure if I wanted to keep writing on this blog, the answer is clear.

Publish your thoughts.

Let go of what others think. Let you readers (or lack thereof) be damned.

If 99 out of 100 thoughts are duds, maybe one of them lights a spark.


FYI: I wrote a short-read ebook published to the Amazon Kindle store. It’s for people struggling to eat more plants: The Perfect Mix.