Monthly Archives: November 2016

Own your specialty

Fake it ’til you make it. Yes.

Then, once you’ve “made it”, stop faking it.

Hone in on exactly who you are, what you’re best at, and what you actually do.

Because at first, you want everyone to reach out for your help. But eventually, everyone reaching out doesn’t do anyone any good.


Big festive meals. Time with family.


Why can’t every day (or at least every weekend) be like Thanksgiving?

Wow or bust

You should be going for awesome. An “absolutely, I’d recommend this to a friend.”

A wow.

Anything less is all the same. Failure.

Which, of course, is okay.

Just don’t accept it as it such.

Use a story to add value

Appeal to people’s self-interest for their problems.

Feed their need.

Then, put a story behind it.

Anyone can offer a solution.

But nobody can take your story.

And solutions are worth way more when they come with a story.

Money Mondays

Mondays are tough. You can have the best job in the world.

But Mondays are still tough.

So use Mondays, every Monday, to handle your monies.

  • Pay your bills.
  • Reconcile your accounts.
  • Eliminate waste.
  • Gather receipts.
  • Create expense reports.
  • Empty your piles of mail (email, too).

This is work that’s not fun. But it’s work you can do when you’re not ready for your real work.

It’s work you’ll be glad you’ve kept up with. No mountains at deadline.

Because there’s no getting around Mondays. And there’s no getting around having to deal with your monies.

Put ’em together, and get ’em done.

Life extension that works

One hour per day.

Reclaim one hour per day of time when you’re unconscious (sleeping, thumbing through Facebook, playing on Snapchat, reading the news, etc.) and what do you get?

  • 7 hours per week.
  • 365 hours per year.
  • 21.5 days per year (assuming you sleep 7 hours per day).
  • 1 year every 17 remaining in your life.

So, a 30-year old that will live to be 90 can expect to get an extra 3.5 years of conscious life by reclaiming one hour per day.

One hour.

You can afford that.

Crucially Exclusive

Do the right thing for intrinsic reasons.

  • For your health.
  • For your family.
  • For your ego.

Send this message, for sure.

But keep it completely separate from the rationalization.

  • The deal.
  • The value.
  • The warranty.

Both messages are crucial.

But it’s crucial that they stay exclusive of one another.