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Out of office Q3 2016: Getting married

I write this blog in the second person.

You, you, you.

But ever quarter I publish an out of office message. The one that actually gets sent from my personal email.

Why? Because every quarter, I take a short break. You should, too.

It’s difficult for me to actually practice what I preach. I get in the groove and don’t want to get out.

Instinctively, I want to write and schedule posts for the time while I’m on vacation. But the absence is beneficial for everyone.

So here it is. This my Q3 2016 out of office reply.

It’s similar to this one, this one and this one. But it certainly has evolved.


All the things you could ever need (while I’m away until 9/12/16)

I’m on break and will be back 9/12/16.

By the time I return, I will be a married man.

I’m excited for the weekend, to celebrate with family and friends. Of course.

But mostly I’m excited to finally call this woman, Shalva, my wife.

You can find a few more details about the wedding right here.

More importantly, the following will probably answer your questions while I’m away:

Answers to your questions

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Last thing:

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The lesson from the summer olympics

The summer olympics are the perfect illustration of how to live your life.

You can treat your life as a marathon and look emaciated, tired, and listless.

Or, you can treat it as a series of sprints and look vital, strong, and alive.

Marathoners and sprinters are both elite athletes, of course.

But only one of them practices the art of going hard and then taking a break.

Bedtime badge

There’s no badge of honor for being the last one to go home.

And despite what they’ll say, there is one for being the first.

The best praise phrase

There are going to be times when you’ll want to offer excited, congratulatory praise.

  • Wow, that’s great!
  • Good for you, man!
  • Yes!
  • You did it!
  • Way to go!

Well, if it’s appropriate, use this one:

“I’m so proud of you.”

Nothing feels better to hear.


Huge lifestyle changes

Nobody suddenly:

  • Stops eating meat
  • Starts working for themselves
  • Stops speaking negatively about other people.

Huge lifestyle changes come at their own pace.

And they come naturally.

Before you know it, doing it the old way will feel completely wrong.

Wait for it.

The enemy of

Great is the enemy of good.

Perfect is the enemy of published.

Exact is the enemy of enjoyment.

Revolutionary is the enemy of replacement.

The choice of alliteration is irrelevant.

Don’t capitulate.

[Thanks, John.]

Thank you goodbyes

Turn “goodbyes” into “thank you’s”.

  • More appreciated.
  • Less awkward.
  • Gets you an implied “goodbye”, “see you soon”, and “good to see you” with much fewer words.

Got it?

Okay, thank you for reading.

The one goodbye

It’s usually one person. Or one couple. Or one family.

You don’t need to say goodbye to everyone.

Just find the one, and then you’re done.


Analogies help make sense of tough situations.

Just remember there’s no such thing as a perfect one.

Do this before any bold move

Here’ s quick, two-part decision-making test before making a bold move.

  1. Think of someone whom you admire and respect highly. Best if they’re an idol of yours. Now, if this person did the bold move you’re considering, how would you feel? Would you still admire and respect this person as highly?
  2. Think of someone who doesn’t impress you. Best if they’re a peer of yours. Now, if this person did the bold move you’re considering, how would you feel? Would they impress you any more?

Forget every other rule in the book.

Imagine, first, if these two guys made that same bold move.