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Portion Control: An American Delicacy

Third world countries don’t know “Portion Control”.  Developed Middle East countries don’t know “Portion Control.  Old European countries don’t know “Portion Control”.

Outside of America, drugs are the most relevant context for the phrase “Portion Control”. Pharmaceutical companies and illegal drug dealers alike say, “Use Portion Control or there will be severe side effects.  Bloating, high blood pressure, fatigue, decreased libido, paranoia, withdrawal.  But, if you are able to exercise ‘Portion Control’, you’ll be okay.”

Why has our food in America become like a drug?

10,000 hours is all it takes

So you’re an expert.  Now what?

You spent 10,000 hours mastering a piece of business software.  You’re an expert.  Cool.

You spent 10,000 hours as a market maker.  You’re an expert.  Congratulations.

You spent 10,000 hours as an insurance salesman.  You’re an expert.  Good for you.

So you’re an expert.  Now what?  Why not become an expert at something else?  You don’t need to give up your original expertise.

Guitarists, chefs, woodworkers, mechanics, gardeners, comedians, filmmakers, are all experts.  But most of ’em still have a day job.


There’s a new drug out there.  Taking it will result in your salary increasing 8-10x.  Your salary becomes guaranteed for 8-10 years.  And, it makes your job 8-10x more fun.

There are some minor side effects.  But they’re negligible.  And, there’s a 1% chance your employer finds out you’re taking the drug.  If he does, you’ll be asked to take an unpaid vacation for 8-10 months.  Your guaranteed salary stays guaranteed, though.

If you would like a sample, you can contact Ryan Braun.  If he’s unavailable, you can try calling the YouWouldHaveDoneTheSameThingIfGivenTheOpportunity Clinic in Miami.  Or, as they’re also known, The 8-10 Clinic.

For 20 minutes per day

I listened to “Startup School”.  It’s a podcast recording of Seth Godin’s seminar for entrepreneurs.  I probably listened to that 15 track lecture 1,000 times.

Then I stopped.  And so did my momentum on

Until I stumbled across this: Seth Godin’s recent post about how audiobooks changed his life.

Irony?  I’m never sure.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  Funny how things work themselves out?

For sure.

You get what you pay for. Usually.

If you hire developer for 50 cents on the dollar, she is going to do a half-ass job.  Usually.

If you pay your consultants like a pimp, in decent pay, love and drugs (alcohol), they will be hard-working, loyal soldiers.  Usually.

But, if you take money out of the equation completely, what do you get?  Nothing in return? Nope.

You get their best. Always.

The answer should be easy

On the most important days of your life, who’s gonna show up?

You’ll always remember who showed up to your grandma’s funeral.  Just being there.

You’ll always remember which colleagues reached out upon hearing you were leaving the company.  Just an email or a call.

You’ll always remember who donated to your fundraiser.  Just a few dollars.

The people who didn’t show up?  They had a reason.  And that’s reason enough.

But, those that did show up?  Those that were there, or reached out, or gave?  Those people will live forever.

When asking for a favor

You have two choices:

  1. You owe me.  For example, I could say “I’ve written for you daily for the last three months.  Since you’ve read and enjoyed (at least a couple), you owe me.”  Does that make you want to do me a favor by donating to ALS-TDI?
  2. I will owe you.  For example, I could say, “If you do me the favor by donating to ALS-TDI, I will owe you a matching donation.”  Does that make you want to do me a favor by donating to ALS-TDI?

The latter should.  And I will.

Donate today and I will match your donation 100%.

Today only.

Now you can’t say “What have you done for me lately?”  Even though I did just teach you how to ask for a favor.

Donate today for 100% match by me.



I actually need to put a limit on this match offer because my girlfriend has a big network of donors.  Let’s say $500 aggregate match, matching donations as they come in. If you donate after the $500 aggregate match, I will owe you.