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Perfect Creations

I’m no artist. My handwriting, although better than some peers because I hand-write everything, is abysmal. I don’t paint and cannot draw.

But I like to create stuff.

And when I turn off my CPA brain, I can be satisfied with the things I create.

Because those creations are never perfect. They can’t be.

Perfect creations don’t exist. Step up to the plate and take a swing.

One person

Aim to please one person.

Your fans? Your audience? Your subscribers?

They’re not one person.

Pick one of them. One person.

And remember you’re included in all those lists.

(Yes, this pleases me.)

lucy just one person

Your best work

How did you come up with that? When did you decide to do that? How long did it take you to get it right?

It’s hard to say. It just kind of happened.

You can’t seek it, really.

Put in the time, and when you’re least expecting it, not expecting it at all, it happens.

Inside, outside

Where do you seek to find the answer to your problems?

  • A horoscope?
  • An expert blogger?
  • A fortune cookie?

That stuff might get you thinking.

But the answer is inside.

And you can usually find it outside.


Go for a walk.

How to Come up With Great Ideas

You ever hear people say they do their best thinking in the shower? Or maybe when they’re driving alone long-distance?

It’s those magical moments of clarity you weren’t trying for. The ones you hardly recall happening.

That’s the subconscious. The sole engine behind all creativity.

It only comes to you when you’re alone.

Just you and your thoughts. No other people or technology to distract you.

Those moments of absolute solitude rarely happen. So embrace them.

And let the great ideas flow.