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16 Things I Learned from Louis CK’s Latest

The background: I watched the latest Louis CK special last night. You can download it from his website for $5. That’s the only way to get it. I heard about its release from an email from Louis CK (because I’m on his mailing list).

It was great.

Here are 16 things I learned from Louis CK’s latest.

  1. When you can’t do bigger, do smaller.
  2. Frightening work usually gets great results.
  3. Asking people not to steal is more effective than telling them not to.
  4. Don’t waste words, especially on stage.
  5. There’s nothing wrong with doing certain things yourself (not outsourcing).
  6. But you still gotta have help to get results.
  7. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  8. Make epic things rarely but regularly.
  9. When selling your work, make it easy to say yes (and hard to say no).
  10. When sending long marketing emails, make people feel like it’s written directly to them.
  11. And make them feel like they’re there with you while you write it.
  12. And fill the email with emotion.
  13. Bring water on stage.
  14. Call the audience out.
  15. One-hour specials live forever.
  16. End with a bang.

23 things I learned last weekend

I spent last weekend in Orlando. Here’s what I learned.

  1. Work trips can’t be vacation until the work is done.
  2. Crowded resorts can be annoying. But deserted resorts equally bizarre.
  3. The culture and people at big consulting firms never changes.
  4. The culture and leadership at small consulting firms never changes either.
  5. Twitter is like a big circle jerk of retweets and mentions.
  6. You can always get a little bit better.
  7. You are never your best editor.
  8. Pre-select participants for on-stage demos.
  9. When speaking, nerves are good. Stress is, too.
  10. Easy laughs are like playing the hits. You may not find them satisfying. But they’re not for you.
  11. Networking still sucks. Making one or two new friends never does.
  12. Nobody smiles while visiting Disney Parks.
  13. Now days, simulator rides make me nauseous.
  14. Roller coaster still don’t.
  15. 45% tax on rental cars is one reason why there’s no state income tax in Florida.
  16. A quality protein powder is crucial for decently healthy traveling.
  17. Good events require good coffee.
  18. SWAG bags should have unique and useful items. Otherwise, we’re just creating trash.
  19. Little things make a big difference at events. You might not notice them when they’re there. But when they’re missing, it’s glaring and disappointing.
  20. Working outside of the comfort zone remains the best kind of work.
  21. They best reviews come from the most unexpected places.
  22. Fried food doesn’t really do it for me anymore.
  23. Stay humble.

Enjoying the Win

Never be disappointed with a win. Especially big wins.

It may not have gone 100% to plan.

But when does it ever?

And if it did, how would you ever get any better?

Enjoy the win.

Tomorrow you can look at the tape.


Watching the Film

After NFL Sunday, the most important work happens.

Watching the film:

  • What worked.
  • What didn’t work.
  • Action items for next week.

It’s best done on Monday. Fine if it’s done another.

But it must get done.

You gotta get a little bit better.