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#NOWNOW: Modified Tim Ferris 30-Day Challenge

Looking for more confidence? Trying to be more productive? Seeking heightened awareness?

No, don’t do drugs, people.

Do the opposite.

Do this.

Or, rather, don’t do these two things.

There’s scientific evidence proving the effectiveness of abstaining.

And, of course, there’s living, breathing proof from people (like yours truly) who have tried their own version.

Maybe it’s #NOBNOM. Maybe it’s #NOWNOW.

Whatever is more challenging, why not give it a shot?

I’m guessing 10,000 (conservative estimate) will be joining Tim Ferris in #NOBNOM. And I can think of at least 10 (conservative estimate) of my friends who ought to join me in #NOWNOW.

As I stated in this comment, I’ll be leading #NOWNOW.

Starts tomorrow.

Let’s get weird.

And after 30 days, we can circle-up again.

Ready? Break.

P.S. Sorry, Nana.

P.S. Sorry, Mah. This should be good for business.


When moving into a new home with hardwood floors, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

“Oh. We’re gonna need a Swiffer!”

In reality, of course, you don’t need a Swiffer. Several different, as-effective floor-cleaning methods exist.

But Swiffer’s marketing created that need.

If hardwood floors, then Swiffer.

So the question becomes obvious for business owners:

What’s the if to your then?

[RIP to my friends’ munchkin cat (and my pal) Swiffer]

No doubt

It’s why I suit-up for big meetings.

It’s why I enter the bar with a big smile.

It’s why I shave my face every day.

It’s why I don’t swear in public.

It’s why I make self-deprecating jokes to servers at restaurants.

It’s why I repeat the name of the person I just met.

First impressions last forever, people.

Do it right, and you’ll get the benefit of the doubt.

When you have it, you’ll be:

  • More successful.
  • More referable.
  • More happy.


Leave them with no doubt and you’ll get the benefit of it.

The other day

The others:

  • The other partners.
  • The other franchisees.
  • The other bloggers.
  • The other marathoners.
  • The other teachers.
  • The other salesmen.
  • The other players in whatever game you play.

There will always be someone getting more than you. More money, more sales, more followers, more qualifying times, more gifts, more meetings, more whatever.

It’s tough to consistently win against those others.

So what about THIS other?

The other day.

It’s easy to win against the other day.

It’s you.

What were you doing the other day?

Isn’t that the only comparison that matters?

Four-word empowerment

It’s easy (and natural for many) to say:

“I don’t make the rules; I just follow them.”


“It’s above my pay grade.”


“The guy who does THAT isn’t here.”

But what customer /client / prospect likes hearing that crap?

Here’s a four-word phrase to give instead:

“That should be fine.”


  • Empowering.
  • Simple.
  • Something that ALL customers like hearing more than, “It’s not my fault / job / decision.”

Four words.

“That should be fine.”

Sales, client satisfaction, client retention et al. will all dramatically improve.

Empower away.

Why “Do not disturb” is the best iPhone feature

I originally thought the “Do not disturb” function on iPhones was kind of neat, similar to staying in a hotel.

Here’s how I was wrong:

The “Do not disturb” function is better than neat.

It’s pure gold.

Turn it on and your phone will not ring or vibrate unless…

  • Someone calls twice back-to-back (potential emergency).
  • The caller is on your Favorites list (potential mom emergency).

So when your phone DOES ring, it’s a worthy interruption.

One worth losing your train of thought.

One worth stepping out of a big meeting (something that actually makes you seem quite important).

One worth your time.

Yes, calls and texts are all received (unlike Airplane Mode). You just aren’t interrupted.

And that why, people, I usually have to call you back.

I’m on “Do not disturb.”

I’m getting shit done.

I’m Lenny Fucking Gale.

Who are you?

Terror error

Terror organizations take joy in their power. They relentlessly pursue their mission of dominance and permanent resolution.

I get it.

I’m the same way with:

  • Decluttering my home.
  • Lactose intolerance.
  • Eradicating HFCS and fighting the Big Food companies who still use it for massive profit at the expense of our countries social, financial and physical well-being.

Alas, I think this misguided attempt at self-promotion through analogy just defended terrorists like Hamas.

Except for the whole murder thing.

Bottom of the pyramid

Are you in a pyramid?

  • Service organizations are a pyramid.
  • Government is a pyramid.
  • Social groups are a pyramid.

You can spend your time trying to get to the top.

Or, you can do good work and enjoy the journey.

Either way, the top of the pyramid is just the bottom of another one.

Because I said so, woof, because I’m your boss

Kids, dogs, and direct-reports.

They’re all the same.

Talk to them as kids, dogs, and direct-reports, and they’ll act like kids, dogs, and direct-reports.

Talk to them as adults, humans or professionals, however, and they’ll act like adults, humans and professionals.

Sure, you can’t mention sex or going on vacation or confidential information to your kid, dog and direct-report, respectively.

But for the most part, if you act as-if (they are), so will they.