Why “Do not disturb” is the best iPhone feature

I originally thought the “Do not disturb” function on iPhones was kind of neat, similar to staying in a hotel.

Here’s how I was wrong:

The “Do not disturb” function is better than neat.

It’s pure gold.

Turn it on and your phone will not ring or vibrate unless…

  • Someone calls twice back-to-backĀ (potential emergency).
  • The caller is on your Favorites list (potential mom emergency).

So when your phone DOES ring, it’s a worthy interruption.

One worth losing your train of thought.

One worth stepping out of a big meeting (something that actually makes you seem quite important).

One worth your time.

Yes, calls and texts are all received (unlike Airplane Mode). You just aren’t interrupted.

And that why, people, I usually have to call you back.

I’m on “Do not disturb.”

I’m getting shit done.

I’m Lenny Fucking Gale.

Who are you?