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Richard Branson on Success

He’s a business legend. He’s worth gazillions.

When asked about his secret to success, he keeps it simple: happiness.

Many assume my business success has brought me happiness. But the way I see it, I am successful because I am happy.

Of course, success is not just defined by money. It’s so much more than that.

And so when I say my #1 goal right now is to keep living this happy life, it’s nice knowing I’m in good company.

This week was good


  • You got a lot done.
  • You learned a few things.
  • You’re setup for the next.

So shut it down for a bit.


Work will be there when you get back.

Friday time

When Friday rolls around, what happens?

Do you count the minutes until it’s time?

Or do you count the minutes like you’re running out of it?

Seek the latter.

Gain for two

Losing things is no fun.

I don’t need to explain why.

But here’s why it’s not so bad:

  • New home. If you lost it, someone else found it. Exciting for them.
  • New thing. Go get yourself a new pair of sunglasses or baseball glove or cell phone. Exciting for you and good for the economy.
  • Things are things. Maybe you don’t need to replace it?

Sure, losing things that have zero value to the finder (your car keys) has few redeeming factors.

But for everything else, your loss is a gain for two.


Your cell phone can take beautiful videos. You can capture the world from your perspective in full HD.

You can share those videos.

To him. To her. To everyone.

Just don’t forget to enjoy the sights yourself.

Because wisdom is not gained through any lens on a phone; only the lenses on your face.

55-minute countdown

Some of us go to work and react. Check email, answer the phone, take care of the things we’re being paid to take care of.

And that’s great.

Others go to work and create. That’s great, too.

Either way, using a 55-minute countdown timer is a total game-changer at work.

For the reactors, it’s a reminder to take five minutes every hour to breathe, stretch, walk, drink water, etc.

For the creators, it’s a way to stay focused for 55 minutes and be rewarded afterwards for five.

For me, there is a strong correlation between the number of 55-minute countdowns I set in a workday and my overall quality of life.

Try it.

True cool

Where does depth of character come from? True cool.

Does it come from observing the cool kids? What they do and how they do it?

Or does it come from reading, writing and thinking? Attaining wisdom and inner peace.

I think the answer’s clear.



You can have everything you want.


  • Don’t hope for it.
  • Don’t pray for it.
  • Don’t wait for it.

Help someone get what they want.

Not just one thing. Everything.

And then, my friend, you’ll get everything YOU want.