Monthly Archives: September 2016

Call to say hello

There are some exceptions, of course. But when is an old friend or family member calling you just to check in unappreciated?

No logistics. No favors. No guilt.

Just a call to say hello.


Shake off the fear and make the call. You don’t regret it.

When building your…

A good rule of thumb for your resume or LinkedIn profile or website: Has somebody asked for it?

If the answer is no, then it can go.

Nobody likes to dig around for what they need.

Simple life planning

Make two short lists.

1) What moments in your life have brought you the most excitement, pride, and joy?

2) About what have friends, family, and teachers most genuinely and commonly complimented you?

Now, figure out how you can do something from list two which facilitates something from list one.


Your life is planned.

Who is working for whom

The entity that pays you. They may not be your boss, but you definitely work for them.

And the entity you pay? You may not be their boss, but they definitely work for you.

Remember this.

In a lot of non-traditional, professional relationships, it’s easy to get the “who is working for whom” mixed up. (Franchisee / franchisor, affiliate / brand, contractor, vendor, etc.)

Firing can go either way, of course.

But if someone is working for you (you pay them), treat them like it. Same for the other way around.

Turn it up, turn it down

Certain types of people are gonna love your schtick.

Certain types of people won’t.

Figure out both and embrace which is which.

Then, you can turn it up for the former and down for the latter.

More fun, less frustration.

What to leave

You can leave your family a lot of things.

  • Money.
  • A legacy.
  • Memories.
  • Traditions.
  • Guiding principals.

And these are noble things for which to accumulate during a lifetime.

But don’t forget to tidy up a bit.

Downsize, purge, minimize.

Nobody wants to be left a mess.

The eraser

It’s nice to have a set of rules to live by. Principles are even better.

Just make sure that regularly revisiting them is on the list.


Take the first one out. Or the last.

Why waste a day (with family, in the sun, or on the mountain)?

[Note: Road trip start times also apply. Leave as early or as late as possible.]

Email monsters

Lurking in your inbox hides a monster.

Maybe it’s a bill that’s aggressively overcharging you for services you did not receive. Or maybe it’s a news aggregation email that reminds you of the plight of mankind. Or maybe it’s an email from your boss.

What are the chances that those emails aren’t going to fire you up?

Keep the monsters contained.

They generally go to bed when you do.

But once you let them out, they’re with you all day.