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Sit, stay, snap

With the two hours per day you spend on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., think about the orphan who’d love to have spent that time by your side.

  • Learning from you.
  • Playing with you.
  • Fine. Posing for selfies with you that you can post to your various social media accounts.

So put down the phone.

And go adopt a dog.

The orphanage

Animal shelters.

They look like prisons because everyone’s locked away in a cell.

But 99% of these dogs are not criminals.

They’re orphans.

Go bring one home.

Lenny Gale hugs Lucy at animal orphanage.

The Solution to Your Boring Life

Looking for more excitement in your life?

  • More fun mornings?
  • Happier evenings?
  • New friends?
  • Greater sense of purpose?
  • Better sense of humor?

Adopt a dog.

For real. Go adopt a dog today.

That is, unless you’re good on all of those mentioned above.