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Let’s go

Spend one hour today planning and booking a trip.

No, you might not find the best deal. Or have thought through every possible option for scheduling.

But after one hour, you have a little trip planned. And, after one hour, you’re back to the hustle (far making up for any little savings or efficiencies you didn’t find).

Let’s go.

The shadow of our plane in the clouds wrapped around a circular rainbow

Some people

No matter how easy you make it for them, they’d prefer not to help you.

  • A one-minute email.
  • A five-second text.
  • A two-second mention.

Stop using ease and generosity to convince these people.

Most people like helping.

Some people just like helping themselves.

Consume or create

Shows to binge. Movies to see. Stories to read.

Try to consume it all.

But you can’t.

Why not, instead, create something?

It’s time spent you’ll never regret.

Keep it delightful

Surprise people.

But if their first reaction is, “How’d you do that?”, keep in mind what you ACTUALLY did.

A magic trick.

And if you answer their question, the delightful surprise is no longer that. It’s just lame.

Keep it delightful.


Selflessness is quite attractive in the online, virtual, and newsletter world.

If it’s genuine, consistent, and vast, you’re in.

But the moment you sense selfishness, all that loyalty and trust?


All your support is gone.

Be selfless. Be pure.

3 health and wellness eye-openers

This is a completely unoriginal, read-these-articles post. But all three will have a profound impact on how I live the rest of my life. Hopefully, yours, too.

  1. A new way to think about flavor (as opposed to taste). And, how we can more effectively convince ourselves that the food we should be eating, the healthy stuff, is delicious.
  2. While I’m done with cheese, this article on what’s actually in our parmesan makes me feel like I just ate some.
  3. It’s well documented that running isn’t good for getting a sexy bod. But, studies show it’s really good for your brain. (Also answers why the Cross Fit kids, while fit, are, well, fit.)

Related, here’s why I’m 100% done with dairy.

Words of encouragement

You can deliver words of encouragement.

They’re especially great in defiance of haters.

But, in your words of encouragement, don’t acknowledge said haters. Ignoring their existence is more effective, efficient, and generally, a better method of being a human being.

lenny gale oops


Sometimes I don’t have any advice for myself. Any profound thoughts. Anything worth putting into words.

Sometimes I just want to say hi.

Hi, Mah. Hi, Nana.

lenny gale shalva geffen hi 2