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Perfect haircut

My haircuts are $20. (Well, $21 if you include the $1 to pay with a credit card.)

The haircut I get is:

  • Consistent. (No worries about a bad haircut.)
  • Convenient. (5-minute walk from home.)
  • Pain-free (Reuben speaks less than 20 words of English, so neither of us feel the need to chat.)

This, to me, is the perfect haircut.

To me, the perfect haircut is worth FAR MORE than $25 (the total if I were to tip 20%).

So I tip $10.

Is a 50% tip an unnecessary amount to give? Sure.

But I’m happy to pay $31 for the perfect haircut; especially knowing that I’m the perfect client.

The hardest part of getting a cold

It’s easy to get rid of a cold. You know the formula.

  1. Sleep.
  2. Don’t go to work.
  3. Flood yourself with water (using a straw makes this easier).
  4. Constantly sip herbal tea with honey.
  5. Have a green smoothie for breakfast.
  6. Have hot soup with tons of hot sauce for lunch.
  7. Have orange slices at night.
  8. Do a neti pot before brushing your teeth (twice daily, duh).

The tricky part is actually doing it.

Just remember: you have sick days for a reason.

Use ’em, and use ’em right.

Two-minute tasks

If it’s gonna take less than two minutes, just do it.

  • Birthday wishes.
  • Condolences.
  • Bill pays.

Those things require no decision-making. No brainpower.

And they aren’t worth hanging onto for later.

When the two-minute tasks present themselves, just do ’em.

Understanding annoying mornings

If you’re having an annoying morning, ask yourself:

  • Do I perhaps not know everything?
  • Is there a chance I don’t know what’s best?
  • Could I have listened better?
  • Was there a missed opportunity to check in?
  • Did I assume someone should know?
  • Do I sense someone is gonna ignore your advice?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, maybe the annoying morning is just an annoying you.

A take-anywhere, folding, standing desk

Note: This is a new blog post type on ULB. We’ll call them Kickstarters. Except these are not projects I’d like to actually execute. They’re ideas I’d like to see executed by someone who executes projects like these. At worst, these are interesting posts because I’m excited about them. At best, we get thousands of people saying “YES!”, and then someone actually makes this happen. Either way, #takemymoney.

So you’ve started using a standing desk. You love it.

You’re energized. You’re more productive. You are a righteous motherfucker.

But now, sitting for work doesn’t work. Any more than a few minutes starts to hurt.

What do you do when you’re on-the-road? In hotels? At a client’s office? At your parents house? (Yes, I’m 30 and regularly visit and stay at my parent’s house.)

You gotta stand, right?

Introducing a take-anywhere, folding, standing desk.

Think: three camera tripods with a small, folding table top. All of this would fold up and fit into a computer bag.

(I tried to draw this for ten minutes but failed miserably.)

So the big question is: Would you buy this? 

I would in a heartbeat. It’s worth $200 to me, no doubt. I paid $60 for a Logitech “posture station” and carried it with me. Why wouldn’t I use this?


support life is noyoke

(photo from Life is NOYOKE)




Company meetings

Company meetings are not for getting things done.

They’re not for learning.

They’re not for strategizing.

They’re scheduled to appear like that’s the goal.

But the only real benefit, lasting benefit, is the memories you’ll make.

Go have a blast.

Here’s a simple way to think about blog categories

Creating categories on your blow is tough.

  • Everything could be a category.
  • Categories overlap.
  • Categories shmategories.

It took me three years, but it’s now clear.

Think of categories as book topics.

If you were to write a book, what would it be about?

If it wouldn’t work as a book, it won’t work as a blog category.

blog categories