#NOWNOW: Modified Tim Ferris 30-Day Challenge

Looking for more confidence? Trying to be more productive? Seeking heightened awareness?

No, don’t do drugs, people.

Do the opposite.

Do this.

Or, rather, don’t do these two things.

There’s scientific evidence proving the effectiveness of abstaining.

And, of course, there’s living, breathing proof from people (like yours truly) who have tried their own version.

Maybe it’s #NOBNOM. Maybe it’s #NOWNOW.

Whatever is more challenging, why not give it a shot?

I’m guessing 10,000 (conservative estimate) will be joining Tim Ferris in #NOBNOM. And I can think of at least 10 (conservative estimate) of my friends who ought to join me in #NOWNOW.

As I stated in this comment, I’ll be leading #NOWNOW.

Starts tomorrow.

Let’s get weird.

And after 30 days, we can circle-up again.

Ready? Break.

P.S. Sorry, Nana.

P.S. Sorry, Mah. This should be good for business.

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