Following tough acts

Tough acts to follow don’t need to be so tough.

  • Godfather II didn’t try to outdo the epic wedding, baptism and mass murders. They went to Italy and Tahoe.
  • Kenichi Ebina didn’t try to outdo his video game performance. He performed solo (sort of).
  • Robert Plant didn’t try to outdo Led Zeppelin. He sang duets with Allison Krauss.

How many movies, TV shows, bands, books and performers, should have heeded this advice?

Godfather III, Hangover II and III, Dexter seasons 5 through the end. Ugh.

Following tough acts is okay. But something small is the only way to follow.

NOTE: The Kenichi Ebina video is a case in point (and awesome). Performance 1 is at 2:28. This principal is explained at 4:13. Performance 2 follows.

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