16 Things I Learned from Louis CK’s Latest

The background: I watched the latest Louis CK special last night. You can download it from his website for $5. That’s the only way to get it. I heard about its release from an email from Louis CK (because I’m on his mailing list).

It was great.

Here are 16 things I learned from Louis CK’s latest.

  1. When you can’t do bigger, do smaller.
  2. Frightening work usually gets great results.
  3. Asking people not to steal is more effective than telling them not to.
  4. Don’t waste words, especially on stage.
  5. There’s nothing wrong with doing certain things yourself (not outsourcing).
  6. But you still gotta have help to get results.
  7. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  8. Make epic things rarely but regularly.
  9. When selling your work, make it easy to say yes (and hard to say no).
  10. When sending long marketing emails, make people feel like it’s written directly to them.
  11. And make them feel like they’re there with you while you write it.
  12. And fill the email with emotion.
  13. Bring water on stage.
  14. Call the audience out.
  15. One-hour specials live forever.
  16. End with a bang.

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