Monthly Archives: August 2016

Yellow light

There’s a point on the road at which you’ll stop if the light is yellow.

Do you know that point for the open-ended, abstract, creative thing you’re working on?

Please yourself

Quickly, you’ll be unable to please everybody.

Then, it’s all about pleasing yourself.

And suddenly, the new everybody will be pleased.

Gifting words

Words are the best gift you can give.

Pair ’em with something tangible, if you must.

But nothing is better to receive than a set of meaningful, thoughtful words.


A longer talk. A longer book. A longer email. A longer meeting. A longer workout. A longer movie.

Who’s ever wanted any of that?

Keep it short, eh?


Give your people what they want.

Not someone else’s people.

Your people.

Give them what they want.

Then they’ll tell more people.

And suddenly someone else’s people are your people.

Then you can give them what they want.

Because now they’re your people.

And now you can start at the top (with, of course, more people).

The right growth mindset

The “how do we make money” mindset does not work.

The “how do we fix our people’s problems and make their dreams come true” mindset does.

Use it.


There’s a point where you’ll think a 3rd beer or 3rd coffee or 3rd plate of food is what you need.


Water is probably what you need.

Plan, work

Plan your work. Work your plan.

So easy to get caught working without a plan. Or as bad, planning and never working.

[This¬†aphorism came from legendary coach whose name I don’t recall. Credit to him.]