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Career Advice

Lately, I’ve been giving the same advice. It’s not specific to food or fitness. I’ve found myself giving career advice. And the advice has turned out to be pretty good.

My career advice is a consulting buzzword. Actually, it’s probably more of an aphorism. Here it is:

First, figure out where you want to be [hand gesture]. Then figure out how you’re going to get there [hand gesture].”

Figuring out where you want to be, or what you want to is gold. To a hiring manager, it can explain four jobs in four years. It makes you valuable and attractive. It makes you seem more honest and trustworthy.  More employable.

But the best part of figuring out where you want to be? The “how you’re going to get there” part becomes very clear. You’ll hardly ever be lost.

It’s time to figure out where you want to be. Me included.

Listen here

Does anyone ever tell you aren’t smart?  Or aren’t beautiful?  Or aren’t funny?

Maybe they’re right.  Maybe you need to work on a few things. Maybe you aren’t up to their level.

Or, maybe they’re wrong.  Maybe you’re just the opposite of what they’re saying.  Smart.  Beautiful.  Funny.

Either way, why would you listen?  If you had room to grow, are they someone worth learning from?  And if they’re wrong and you are actually great, then you are a threat to them.  And will be forever.

Yes, hearing the noise is okay.  Because it’s important to know who you shouldn’t listen to.