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Nice choose

Things you can choose:

  • To be on-time.
  • Your interpretation.
  • Your style.
  • Your words.
  • Your tone.
  • Your attendance.

Making an excuse for a bad attitude, being late, taking stuff personally, looking like a schlub, unkindness, yelling, or not showing up is your choice, too.

Which do you choose?

Contagious Behavior Season

It’s flu season.  Watch out for people that are contagious.  That is, unless they just have contagious behavior.

Communicate with an English teacher or writer and you’ll catch their proper grammar.  That’s contagious behavior.

Hangout with me enough and you’ll catch my healthy and smart eating habits.  That’s contagious behavior.

Meet with highly punctual colleagues and you’ll start being on time, too.  That’s contagious behavior.

One could argue that catching something that’s contagious is not a choice.  But with contagious behavior (good or bad, unfortunately), choosing not to catch it eventually makes you feel like an idiot.  And as the group grows, the contagious behavior becomes an epidemic.

Go catch something good.