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Contagious Behavior Season

It’s flu season.  Watch out for people that are contagious.  That is, unless they just have contagious behavior.

Communicate with an English teacher or writer and you’ll catch their proper grammar.  That’s contagious behavior.

Hangout with me enough and you’ll catch my healthy and smart eating habits.  That’s contagious behavior.

Meet with highly punctual colleagues and you’ll start being on time, too.  That’s contagious behavior.

One could argue that catching something that’s contagious is not a choice.  But with contagious behavior (good or bad, unfortunately), choosing not to catch it eventually makes you feel like an idiot.  And as the group grows, the contagious behavior becomes an epidemic.

Go catch something good.

Are you a sauce man (or woman)?

Or you just a ketchup kind of guy (gal)?

Either way, here’s some tips on getting sauced:

Bottom line: Sauces are great and it’s cool if you love ketchup. Maybe see how you feel with a different variety? Just don’t choose one of Heinz’s 57.

Good things,

P.S. Here’s my Black Olive Sauce on Tilapia  Good on chicken.  Good on fish.  Excessive on olives.


My Fitness Pal

More like My Fitness A-hole.

What kind of pal makes you count your calories?  Or tells you you’re not allowed to have that banana.  Or makes you feel cranky cause you’re always hungry.

My fitness pals make me happy.  My girl, my dog and my Vitamix.  Together, we eat a lot, eat often and eat well.

Moral of the story: Find some pals to help you with your goals.  I know that a pal is a pal and will make you 10x more likely to succeed. But, you might find the best ones aren’t a-holes.

Good things,


P.S. If you’re currently using the My Fitness Pal app, you’re personally invited to be my pal.  Instead of putting you through the PAIN of entering your meals to count calories, I take a different approach.  Snap a pic of your food and email it to me. You’ll get motivation and lots of positive reinforcement from me.  Like a good pal. (Read more details…)