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The solutions that never go on sale

Free isn’t really free.  And free is often a bad pick between the paid alternative.  We know this.

But what about when it comes to fixing problems?

Have frequent heartburn?

  • P&G’s solution: Buy Prilosec OTC and take it every 24 hours for your entire life.
  • UL’s solution: Eat more alkaline foods.

Having frequent anxiety?

  • Privately practicing therapist solution: Schedule time with her every week.
  • UL’s solution: Exercise rigorously for 30 minutes, 4x per week.

Need to lose weight?

  • Sensa’s solution: Buy their white powder and sprinkle it on your food
  • UL’s solution: Employ both prior recommendations

So free isn’t always the poor choice.  Maybe it’s only when it’s the easy one.

Do you have your player’s card?

Daily stats.  Looking at your daily stats is so tempting.

What does the scale say this morning?  How many clicks are we at so far?  How close am I to a triple-double?

Looking at daily stats is like going to the casino.  Fun, maybe.  But it depends on how the cards are falling.

What’s certain about daily trips to the casino?  It will eat away at your soul.

The fruit that brings the project to life

When the low-hanging fruit is gone, what’s left?  You’re 50% done, so doing another 25% should seem easy.  It’s only half of what you’ve already done.  And, it will get you to 75% complete.

The student fills in the outline with sentences.  The traveler chooses outfits.  The weight loss-seeker goes to the grocery store.

When the low-hanging fruit is gone, and the relatively low-hanging fruit is gone, the next step is bring the project to life.  It’s sometimes the toughest step.  But, knowing that afterwards you’ll be 75% finished makes it easier.  And seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (or in this case, the fruit on top of the tree) makes it worth it.

My Fitness Pal

More like My Fitness A-hole.

What kind of pal makes you count your calories?  Or tells you you’re not allowed to have that banana.  Or makes you feel cranky cause you’re always hungry.

My fitness pals make me happy.  My girl, my dog and my Vitamix.  Together, we eat a lot, eat often and eat well.

Moral of the story: Find some pals to help you with your goals.  I know that a pal is a pal and will make you 10x more likely to succeed. But, you might find the best ones aren’t a-holes.

Good things,


P.S. If you’re currently using the My Fitness Pal app, you’re personally invited to be my pal.  Instead of putting you through the PAIN of entering your meals to count calories, I take a different approach.  Snap a pic of your food and email it to me. You’ll get motivation and lots of positive reinforcement from me.  Like a good pal. (Read more details…)