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The fruit that brings the project to life

When the low-hanging fruit is gone, what’s left?  You’re 50% done, so doing another 25% should seem easy.  It’s only half of what you’ve already done.  And, it will get you to 75% complete.

The student fills in the outline with sentences.  The traveler chooses outfits.  The weight loss-seeker goes to the grocery store.

When the low-hanging fruit is gone, and the relatively low-hanging fruit is gone, the next step is bring the project to life.  It’s sometimes the toughest step.  But, knowing that afterwards you’ll be 75% finished makes it easier.  And seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (or in this case, the fruit on top of the tree) makes it worth it.

Low-hanging fruit and momentum

Everyone loves to pick low-hanging fruit.  The student who begin the page setup.  The traveler who begins with packing socks.  The weight loss seeker who begins by buying a Vitamix.

Fortunately, picking the low hanging fruit is valuable.  It gets you one step closer to writing that paper, packing that suitcase, or feeling more fit.

All the fruit needs to be picked at some point.  Might as well start with the easy stuff.