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The solutions that never go on sale

Free isn’t really free.  And free is often a bad pick between the paid alternative.  We know this.

But what about when it comes to fixing problems?

Have frequent heartburn?

  • P&G’s solution: Buy Prilosec OTC and take it every 24 hours for your entire life.
  • UL’s solution: Eat more alkaline foods.

Having frequent anxiety?

  • Privately practicing therapist solution: Schedule time with her every week.
  • UL’s solution: Exercise rigorously for 30 minutes, 4x per week.

Need to lose weight?

  • Sensa’s solution: Buy their white powder and sprinkle it on your food
  • UL’s solution: Employ both prior recommendations

So free isn’t always the poor choice.  Maybe it’s only when it’s the easy one.

Who’s motivation is it anyway?

How could they?  What could possibly motivate them to act like that?  Happens to everyone.

Being asked to take on a new role at work?  What’s motivating them to ask for the switch?

Being treated poorly at the airport?  What’s motivating them to do this to me?

Being offered free services that normally aren’t free?  What’s their motivation?

Well, who cares about their motivation?  It shouldn’t motivate your decision, reaction, or appreciation.  Right?

[UPDATE] Who’s is embarrassingly spelled wrong.  It should be whose. Thanks, @ERGreenberg.  Sorry, Ms Ocar and Mrs Peterson.   I’m leaving it.