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Looking back and looking forward

Two choices, two outcomes for each.

Looking back:

  1. Be happy
  2. Be depressed

Looking forward:

  1. Be excited
  2. Be anxious

With both “looking back” and “looking forward,” you have choices.

When you’re in the present, however, there’s no choice. You’re just there.

The solutions that never go on sale

Free isn’t really free.  And free is often a bad pick between the paid alternative.  We know this.

But what about when it comes to fixing problems?

Have frequent heartburn?

  • P&G’s solution: Buy Prilosec OTC and take it every 24 hours for your entire life.
  • UL’s solution: Eat more alkaline foods.

Having frequent anxiety?

  • Privately practicing therapist solution: Schedule time with her every week.
  • UL’s solution: Exercise rigorously for 30 minutes, 4x per week.

Need to lose weight?

  • Sensa’s solution: Buy their white powder and sprinkle it on your food
  • UL’s solution: Employ both prior recommendations

So free isn’t always the poor choice.  Maybe it’s only when it’s the easy one.

Pop-in ideas

Ideas pop-in all the time.  The concern about pop-in ideas is not, “Is it good?”  Nor is it, “Will it work?”

The concern about pop-in ideas is, “Will I forget?”

So why not write ’em down?  95% chance you’ll never act upon that wonderful pop-in idea.  But there’s a 100% chance you won’t worry about forgetting it.

CTRL ALT DEL your brain

Random access memory (RAM) is computer jargon.  It layman terms, it means desk space.  The more RAM you have, the more desk space you have.  More room for files, notes and programs.

Put too much stuff on your proverbial desk, your computer craps out.  Freezes.  Blue-screens.  Or just becomes devastatingly slow.

The human brain works the same way: Limited desk space for files, notes and programs.  The difference is that you can’t go to Best Buy and buy more RAM.

Just gotta close some programs.