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mcdonalds bulletin board above Chicago El train showing egg white delight and saying all yolks aside

McDonald’s Egg White Delight: Are They Yoking?

My Thoughts on Egg McMuffins Made with Egg Whites

I get asked all the time about McDonald’s Egg White Delight.  Most often, it sounds like, “Yo, Do you care that McDonald’s is using your phrase ‘All yolks aside’ to promote their egg white McMuffin?” My response is always the same.  I laugh.

McDonalds Egg White Delights are def NOT noyoke.  They’re not even worth eating on a rest day.  Here’s why McDonald’s Egg White Delights are not healthy and are no different from all other McDonalds products: Junk.

Yes, McDonald’s Egg White Delights are void of egg yolks.  Yes, eating eggs without yolks is fewer calories and nearly void of any saturated fat or cholesterol.  And yes, if you’re going to eat McDonald’s breakfast anyway, opting for egg whites is probably a better choice.  But the eggs themselves come from highly processed, caged hens.  Then, before they get to your sandwich, they’re microwaved and doused in non-stick spray made liquid margarine (a mix of several hydrogenated oils).  Alas, while the egg white on the Egg White Delight pretty bad for you, it’s probably the healthiest part of the entire sandwich.

The meat and cheese on the Egg White Delight make the seemingly healthy egg white guilty by association.  The cheese acts as the treated, colored and processed salty glue that holds everything together.  Cheese that’s pure and fresh isn’t hardly healthy, let alone this crap.  The meat, similarly, is a hardly meat.  Chemically enhanced with phosphates, nitrates and other preservatives, the Canadian bacon struggles to serve any nutritional purpose.  Put the “meat” and “cheese” together and you get a tref, colorful, salty middle layer.  And that’s just what’s in-between the English muffins!

The English muffins, seemingly the most innocent part, include a secret weapon.  No, not gluten or enriched bleached flour, even though they’re in there and are a formidable contributor to American obesity. McDonalds’ English muffins are loaded with high-fructose corn syrup.  Why?  McDonalds injects HFCS into its muffs to make them sweet and, more importantly, addicting.  Yes, HFCS is addicting and causes obesity and general laziness.  Most normal, store-bought muffins, however, have no HFCS.

Conclusion: McDonald’s is still McDonald’s, not NOYOKE

So to answer the question I get all the time, I don’t care that McDonald’s uses “All yolks aside” in their ads for the Egg White Delight.  It’s not a threat to me or my brand.  It cannot compete with the quick and easy scrambled egg whites with kaleapple cinnamon quinoa, or any other breakfast you can make in five minutes.  Healthy breakfasts never include chemical-laden egg whites, highly processed meats or cheese, or HFCS-enhanced English muffins.  That stuff is NOT good for you.  And that’s noyoke.