Facebook and Seven Deadly Sins

Is Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg the devil?  Nah, but don’t these Facebook-isms seem Seven Deadly Sins-ish?

  • Wrath: “Did he really post those ?  These party pics are the perfect revenge.”
  • Greed: “Someone just keyed my Lamborghini #humblebrag”
  • Sloth: Time article: Why Facebook makes you feel miserable
  • Pride: Pregnant belly updates
  • Lust: See shameless stalking, notification checking, friend counting.
  • Envy: Ex gf/bf relationship status updates
  • Gluttony: Food porn anyone??

Certainly, blogs can be guilty of these seven deadly sins.  But, the lack of a medium like Facebook mobile makes it a lot tougher.

Alas, Facebook is huge, so I guess we’re a world full of sin.  That’s not Zuck’s fault, though.  He just created an easy way to indulge.

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