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The athlete and the elevator

Sweaty and out of breath, the athlete hit the “3” button.  I hit “29”.  As the elevator closed, my mouth opened.  “Getting a lift two floors?  Stairs must be broken!”

His response required him to hold the elevator door open a few extra seconds.  Condescendingly, he said, “I workout seven days-a-week, two hours-a-day.  You try that and take the stairs!”

Fair point.  Here’s mine:

What if he cut back to 4 days per week for 30 minutes?  Would he:

  • Be in nearly as good of shape
  • Have more time
  • Feel a lot happier and more energized

There is one drawback to my solution.  He would no longer be able to tell neighbors in the elevator on his way to the third floor that he works out seven days-a-week, two hours-a-day.  That would suck for everyone.