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Dog breakfast

What did you feed your dog this morning?  Was it full of antioxidants for a healthy immune system?  Was it easy to digest?  Was it loaded with high quality proteins for lean muscle?

Sounds like a breakfast idea from  Or, maybe you just fed your dog dog food.

What did you have this morning?

The athlete and the elevator

Sweaty and out of breath, the athlete hit the “3” button.  I hit “29”.  As the elevator closed, my mouth opened.  “Getting a lift two floors?  Stairs must be broken!”

His response required him to hold the elevator door open a few extra seconds.  Condescendingly, he said, “I workout seven days-a-week, two hours-a-day.  You try that and take the stairs!”

Fair point.  Here’s mine:

What if he cut back to 4 days per week for 30 minutes?  Would he:

  • Be in nearly as good of shape
  • Have more time
  • Feel a lot happier and more energized

There is one drawback to my solution.  He would no longer be able to tell neighbors in the elevator on his way to the third floor that he works out seven days-a-week, two hours-a-day.  That would suck for everyone.

Remember the toaster?

The thing that lived on your kitchen counter? That kitchen appliance that greeted you every morning? Back in the day, did you know anyone that didn’t have one? Anyone that didn’t use it to make the same thing nearly every day?

At that time, did you know anyone with a Vitamix?  Maybe, but mostly just early adopters. Getting the benefit of a nice blender meant going to brunch and ordering a drink.

Today, the kitchen appliance world is upside down. Pretty much everyone has a blender and many use it every day. And with so many people being (mostly) gluten free, the only time the toaster gets to work is when you’re out to brunch. And it’s because you chose toast instead of pancakes.

Is your computer slow?

Does it take an extra few seconds to load?  Well, you have two choices.

  1. You can patiently, or frustratingly, wait for it to load.
  2. You can use the extra couple seconds of downtime to do something that benefits you.  Finish your glass of h20 and get a refill.  Lean over and stretch your hamstrings.  Or, maybe just send a text message to an old friend.

Which will you choose?

My Fitness Pal

More like My Fitness A-hole.

What kind of pal makes you count your calories?  Or tells you you’re not allowed to have that banana.  Or makes you feel cranky cause you’re always hungry.

My fitness pals make me happy.  My girl, my dog and my Vitamix.  Together, we eat a lot, eat often and eat well.

Moral of the story: Find some pals to help you with your goals.  I know that a pal is a pal and will make you 10x more likely to succeed. But, you might find the best ones aren’t a-holes.

Good things,


P.S. If you’re currently using the My Fitness Pal app, you’re personally invited to be my pal.  Instead of putting you through the PAIN of entering your meals to count calories, I take a different approach.  Snap a pic of your food and email it to me. You’ll get motivation and lots of positive reinforcement from me.  Like a good pal. (Read more details…)