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The Problem with Gluten Free

Eating gluten-free will help you lose weight.  It will help you find more energy.  And it will help you wane crappy Western illnesses.

So avoiding food with gluten, like bread, is a good thing.  White or wheat.

But avoiding food with gluten does not mean seek out gluten-free products.

Gluten-free products are just that.  Products.

A giant bag of gluten-free pasta is technically gluten-free.  If you’re a marketer, why not put a gluten-free sticker on it?  It will sell better than one without.

But, will a giant bag of gluten-free pasta help you lose weight, find more energy or wane crappy Western illnesses?  Not so much.

Remember the toaster?

The thing that lived on your kitchen counter? That kitchen appliance that greeted you every morning? Back in the day, did you know anyone that didn’t have one? Anyone that didn’t use it to make the same thing nearly every day?

At that time, did you know anyone with a Vitamix?  Maybe, but mostly just early adopters. Getting the benefit of a nice blender meant going to brunch and ordering a drink.

Today, the kitchen appliance world is upside down. Pretty much everyone has a blender and many use it every day. And with so many people being (mostly) gluten free, the only time the toaster gets to work is when you’re out to brunch. And it’s because you chose toast instead of pancakes.