Monthly Archives: May 2014

Better than worst

What’s the worst that could happen?

Ask yourself this question when you’re stuck. When you’re feeling afraid. When you’re feeling self-doubt.

Then, once you’ve answered, make a small modification which causes the new worst-case scenario to be a little better than the old one.

Finally, take the plunge.

You know the worst that could happen.

And it’s not even the worst anymore.

Last in your mind

Two great times to quit:

  1. Quitting while you’re ahead. Never easy, but never regretted either.
  2. Quitting just before you’ve lost it all. Never easy to consider losing 90% a win. But if you don’t, you’ll likely lose 100% and miss out on an easy 10% win.

Small wins aren’t sexy. But if they’re the last in your mind, big wins will follow.

You’re not alone

My favorite parts about writing a daily blog:

  • I’m more likely to listen to my own best advice. For example, laugh instead of…
  • My friends and family (all readers are either) hold themselves to a higher standard, especially when they’re around me.
  • I accomplish something every day, even on days that I feel like I get nothing done.
  • I get to create that something that’s permanent. Contrast that with a tweet or Facebook post, both of which are temporary and basically unsearchable.
  • I turn what may ordinarily require psychotherapy into self-help for myself and others. See the positive spin cycle…
  • It makes me feel like I’m going to live forever.

Interested in these benefits, too?

You’re not alone.

But you’re used to it

What do you think if it’s all you know?

You still think the weather is cold. And that the party is wild. And that the holy services are not short. And that the mosquitoes are a force. And that the second hand smoke is disgusting.

You’re human.

And that means you also don’t appreciate being reminded that that’s all you know.

Newsletters, reply-alls, unsubscribe

It’s their loss if they unsubscribe.

They’re missing out on:

  • Learning from you.
  • Laughing with you.
  • Staying updated about you.

If they aren’t missing out on all of these things, then they are not missing out.

It’s you missing the point of sending the email.

More than two

When making decisions, you have two choices. Either:

  • Give yourself two options (or worse, just one).
  • Give yourself MORE than two options.

Two options is good for getting people (yourself) to have no choice at all.

More than two options is good for making good decisions.

Who isn’t going to choose the second option?

Mind readers

What do you want?

  • Referrals for your business?
  • Direct replies to your newsletter?
  • Your omelet made a certain way?
  • The ability to bring your dog to work?
  • More vacation days?
  • A 5-minute back rub?

Very few are able to read minds.

But offering “the why” followed by “a direct ask” seems to do wonders.

People, People


  • Buy from people.
  • Buy people.
  • Refer people to people.

It’s hardly ever about the stuff.

It’s about the people, People.

Their golf

Golf is an interesting game.

  • You cannot beat it.
  • You play against yourself.
  • Most players are legitimately addicted.

No, I don’t play golf.

But there are many similar things I play instead.

Making money online, saving the world, optimizing my mind and body, are a few examples.

And while it’s not for me, fashion is another great example.

So if you want to succeed in business, find a game like golf.

Help them beat the unbeatable game.

Hey, 13

Things I would tell my 13-year old self:

  • Embrace the weird. You won’t look, sound, smell that strange ever again.
  • Accept imperfection. 99% of your audience won’t notice mistakes. The 1% who do doesn’t care.
  • Watch yourself speak. Best way to improve confidence.
  • Don’t compare savings account (or schmeckle) size. They change and don’t really matter after high school.
  • Ditch the TV, get a guitar. Serves the same purpose for introverts. The latter has much more long-term benefit.
  • Back up your music collection to Dropbox (not an external hard drive).
  • Get pictures with grandparents. Just you and them.

Who knows, though. Would I be where I am today if I wasn’t an awkward, self-conscious, lazy, scared, envious little bitch?

Guess that’s the fun of looking back.

[Happy bar mitzvah anniversary to me.]