Hey, 13

Things I would tell my 13-year old self:

  • Embrace the weird. You won’t look, sound, smell that strange ever again.
  • Accept imperfection. 99% of your audience won’t notice mistakes. The 1% who do doesn’t care.
  • Watch yourself speak. Best way to improve confidence.
  • Don’t compare savings account (or schmeckle) size. They change and don’t really matter after high school.
  • Ditch the TV, get a guitar. Serves the same purpose for introverts. The latter has much more long-term benefit.
  • Back up your music collection to Dropbox (not an external hard drive).
  • Get pictures with grandparents. Just you and them.

Who knows, though. Would I be where I am today if I wasn’t an awkward, self-conscious, lazy, scared, envious little bitch?

Guess that’s the fun of looking back.

[Happy bar mitzvah anniversary to me.]