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By definition

People learn to ignore.

  • Husbands to nagging.
  • Children to preaching.
  • Internet surfers to email subscription requests.

If your mother, an old book or a blog post told you so, it might have worked in the past. And it might work for a bit. But eventually, people learn to ignore.

And if you ignore that, you’re, by definition, insane.


Diet Coke Addiction

If you ever thought you had a Diet Coke addiction, you’re not alone. The other good news is that it’s not your fault. You probably don’t have a choice. Thank your brain.

Your brain is the one that’s addicted. Not so much you. ┬áIt’s your brain that doesn’t take no for an answer.

Part of it is the caffeine, sure. It’s the #1 addictive drug in the world. Your brain hurts without it.

The other reason for being addicted to Diet Coke? It’s there. Everywhere. Down the hall. Across the street. In the fridge.

A tired brain is a stubborn brain. And a stubborn brain wants instant satisfaction. When your brain knows an ice-cold Diet Coke is within reach, there’s no stopping it.

Want to end your addiction to Diet Coke? Just hide it. Better yet. Toss it out completely.

You won’t miss it.