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Who to help

If you’re trying to make the average person better, you have two choices.

  • Help a few that are way below the average get a lot better.
  • Help a bunch that are slightly above average get a little bit better.

The former might be more lucrative, but the latter is more likely to bring up the average.

Day 1: How to start a blog

Bluehost logo.So, you want to start a blog?

That’s great.

By now, you have a topic you’re passionate about and want to share your knowledge with the world.

And since you’re going to be spending the time, it would be nice to monetize it a bit. Something simple to start. Perhaps the Amazon Affiliate Program.

So naturally you want to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) because you don’t have much of an audience yet.

So where do you start?

Well, you start exactly where you thought you should start.

You should start by building your SEO foundation.

Let me explain.

>>Click here to register your domain for free when you signup for $3.95 per month hosting (something you’ll need to do anyway).

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Websites as Real Rstate

Think about architecture. What buildings are admired the most?

The ones that have been around the longest, right?

That White House is a great example.

The same is true with websites. The websites that have been around the longest are:

  • Admired by readers.
  • Admired by customers.
  • Admired by search engines like Google.

And it makes sense.

Search engines like Google want to serve its users the highest quality search results. Generally, the websites that are older are more quality.

Think about it.

If you’re searching for info on Vitamix, who do you want on the top of your search results? An authority on the topic or someone with an unestablished domain?

Thought so.

The good thing is that you are already an authority on your topic. The problem is that you haven’t claimed your real estate yet.

The White House lives at 1600 Pennsylvania.

What about your website?

Claim your domain

So now that you’re mentally ready to start a blog, it’s time to take the next step.

Register your awesome domain name.

Domains are a websites home address. Mine is

Once you’ve claimed your real estate in the proverbial Land of Search, then you’re ready for the fun stuff:

  • Sharing your knowledge.
  • Working on your passion.
  • Earning some money for your efforts.

Go register your domain for free at Bluehost now.

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Thanks for that

There’s a chance that our conversation inspires something I publish here.

Maybe it was something you said. Maybe it was something I said. Maybe it was just one of those things.

But no doubt, I learned something.

And hopefully some other will too.

So thanks for that. Let’s talk again soon.

Your friend,
Uncle Leo

Really, I don’t

If you’re buying a puppy from a breeder, I don’t judge.

If you’re still a cigarette smoker, I don’t judge.

If you’re using corporal punishment on your children, I don’t judge.

But given we’re in 2014, I may think your actions indicate acute brain damage.

And if that’s the case, it’s all the more reason not to judge.


Funny thing with creative work.

The stuff that was a struggle to create is often less appreciated than the stuff that was effortless.

Not to say the effortless work should be the goal.

But an effortless creative process should be.

The day before the day

The day you leave for vacation.

  • You jump out of bed.
  • You get tons done.
  • You’re excited for tonight.
  • You leave the office satisfied.

Surely you can’t go on vacation every day.

But being that energized, productive, excited and accomplished shouldn’t be exclusive to the day you leave for vacation, right?

All it took was an agenda you made yesterday.

Mr. Fix What?

You can have all the solutions.

  • A strategy for productivity (what I spoke about at WordCamp Tampa last weekend).
  • A software application for tracking cash flow (what I worked on for five years).
  • An all-in-one kitchen appliance (what I’ve been an authority on lately).

But until there’s an antagonist or pain-point or problem, nobody has the capacity to consider your solution.

Ignorance and contempt

Giving your boss two weeks notice is like breaking up with him or her.

“Hey, I’m moving on. Movers will be here in two weeks.”

How do you expect this person to react?

Well, let me rephrase that.

How would you react if you were just dumped?

There you go.

Don’t take it personally.

More easy, more problems

It would be easy to skip the conference. Easy to use the same lesson plans. Easy to tell the same jokes. Easy to take the promotion. Easy to choose the largest offer.


Easy is often the least satisfying, least fulfilling, least wise decision to make.


Your move, decision maker.

Not really a struggle

Traveling for work can be a struggle.

  • Waiting in lines.
  • Crammed into planes.
  • Dealing with the people who have no clue.

When you’re not dreading your destination, those things don’t go away.

They’re just not really a struggle.