The day before the day

The day you leave for vacation.

  • You jump out of bed.
  • You get tons done.
  • You’re excited for tonight.
  • You leave the office satisfied.

Surely you can’t go on vacation every day.

But being that energized, productive, excited and accomplished shouldn’t be exclusive to the day you leave for vacation, right?

All it took was an agenda you made yesterday.

2 thoughts on “The day before the day

  1. bri

    If I don’t have a list for the day, I’m an absolute train wreck of distraction and confusion. Also, is there anything more satisfying than a totally scratched-off list? I think not.

    1. ljgale Post author

      Totally. Yet, for some reason, I often lack the guts to make my tomorrow’s to-do list just before shutting down for work.

      When making the to-do list is on your to-do list, you can kiss the day’s productivity goodbye.

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