The new SEO — Reader Favorite Optimization

What are your favorite websites?

Chances are, they are all:

  • Lightning fast.
  • Written with a distinct voice.
  • Loaded with original (not stock) images.
  • Ad-free (or at least TASTEFULLY presented ads).
  • Silent, unless you ask for sounds.
  • Full of useful, original, rich content that’s on-point.
  • Something you’re compelled to recommend to friends and family.

If a website fails to meet ANY of these (necessary) conditions, how could it be one of your favorites?

And if it’s not one of your favorites, why would Google ever want to serve it to you at the top of a search query?

This, my friends, is the new Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Might as well name it “Reader Favorite Optimization.”

Or, RFO, for short.

How’s YOUR site optimized?