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Building your dream house

Building your day is like building a house. Make a plan and build it around the foundation.

There are two options for the type of foundation which you’ll build your day around:

  1. Exercise is the foundation. Physical activity. Examples include a morning walk, lunchtime trip to the gym, or an early evening fitness class.
  2. Work obligations are the foundation. Examples include morning status meetings, lunchtime trips to the pizza buffet, or early evening happy hour.

The foundation comes first. And it determines whether or not your house collapses.

What’s in your foundation?

Would you miss it?

A simple phrase to make you more productive, efficient and stress-free. ¬†Oh, and it will do the same for your family, friends and customers. The phrase is a question, actually. “Would you miss it?”

“Would you miss it?” is good for spring cleaning. Pick up a blouse and ask yourself.

“Would you miss it?” is good for small businesses. Just ask the question of your customers. It especially works when considering any business purchase. Will my customers come back to buy because they miss this lamp I’m considering purchasing? “Will they miss it?”

“Would you miss it?” is especially good for software developers and consultants. Clients of these folks, too. Will Windows users miss the Start Button? Or, will the extra piece of functionality be so good that it will be missed if left-out? Or, will it over-complicate the system as a whole resulting in nobody ever saying, “I miss that awesome software, or website or store.”

Ask yourself, “Would you miss it?” If the answer is yes, you’re on the right track. If the answer is no, chances are you have a cluttered closet, a staggering business, or healthcare.gov.