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What do you like here?

Restaurant servers have all the answers.  What’s in it?  What does it come with?  What does it pair well with?

The best question to ask a server, however, is not factual.  It’s their opinion.

“What do you like here?”

Get their opinion.  Lower their guard.  Start a conversation.

It’s usually fun.  And, since it’s not merely the server regurgitating what they memorized during training, it usually uncovers the best stuff on the menu.

Assuming the best is right

Restaurant servers usually start with one question.  “Is this your first time?”

Either way, it’s an awful question to be asked.  The answer is irrelevant.  It’s like being asked the same question after a 3rd (really good) date.  Just awful.

Instead, isn’t it always better to hear, “You’ve been here before, right?”

Same info is gathered.  But this way, if your answer is, “This is my first time,” you don’t feel like such a idiot outsider.

Know what I’m saying, right?