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The Grateful Dead Channel

On Sirius XM is hardly a radio station.

There’s no variety. No commercials. No zany DJ’s.  It’s just the Grateful Dead.

There are other stations that play The Dead. But they also play Zeppelin, Allman Brothers, and U2. So if you want to hear some Grateful Dead, and you don’t want to risk having to flip away from, say, the Eagles, where do you go? Station 23. The Grateful Dead channel.

There, you’ll also find a great example of how to build loyalty, longevity and trust in your business and personal relationships. Better to be The Grateful Dead channel than Classic Rewind.

Miss D

If you closed up shop, would your customers miss you?

If you stopped being an elementary school teacher and became an administrator, would your students miss you?

If you left your sweet sales job, would your clients miss you?

If you stopped writing your daily blog, would your readers miss you?

If your TV show switched time slots, would your viewers miss you?

If a role-player on your team left, would she miss you?

Ask this of yourself. Will you be missed?

The answer maybe no despite your current success (material or otherwise).

But longevity and truly valuable impact require the answer to be yes. Will you be missed?