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Do I really have to crank tonight?

Energy is abstract.  It powers lights, appliances, cars.  And even though we pay an electric bill, utilities bill and cash to the gas station, energy remains abstract.

That is, until we think about having to hand-crank a generator.

Thinking about energy like this is valuable.  No, lights aren’t powered by a guy cranking a generator anymore.  But the energy required to power the lights is the same or more.

Why not turn off some lights, especially in corporate office buildings.  So many of them stay on all night.

C’mon.  Let’s give the guy hand-cranking the generator a break.

Positively Cruz

Did you see Senator Cruz’s 21 hour speech?  Remember what he said?  Zero chance. But will you ever forget the speech?  Also zero chance.  Why?

Great speeches are not remembered for their words.  It’s the feeling.  Feelings of hope. Feelings of joy.  Feelings of pride.

Or in Senator Cruz’s case, feelings of disgust.  Boredom.  Max pain.

These feelings can come from words, yes.  But they must be, from the speaker’s perspective, the truth.  And from the heart.

Some of the greatest speeches, renowned for their words, were most impactful because of the feelings they roused.  I Have a Dream Speech.  Gettysburg Address.  Any of Obama’s campaign speeches.  Well written, but delivered with an energy that was unforgettable.

It’s the energy projected that sells seats.  Makes bridesmaids cry.  That starts revolutions.

Speak from the heart and with passion and with energy.  Your words may not be remembered, but your speech will.